10 Simple, Minimal and Free Logo Design Templates to Use for Your Next Logo Project

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Looking for logo design templates to use for designing your new logo? Here are 10 simple, minimal, and free logo design templates to choose from!


Designing the perfect logo requires skills, hard work, dedication, and time. Not everyone has the proper skills to design a logo nor the time to dedicate to the process. If you are one of those people, we have a solution for you – free logo design templates.

Templates are considered to be a great solution, if you are on a tight budget, you don’t have a time or simply you don’t have an inspiration for your new logo.

We have chosen some of the best free logo design templates to check out and see whether or not they suit your current needs. Take a look at these templates and you will be positively surprised by the work of the logo designers who have tried to come up with these logo design templates:


  1. HeartCart – This is the perfect logo if you are in a need of medical logo design for your online ecommerce store. You can download this logo from logolagoon.com.
  2. Freebies – This logo is most suitable for restaurants, hotels, cafes, home agencies, real estate agencies, and architecture studios. You can download it from dribbble.com.
  3. Free Barefoot Living Logo – This is a minimalistic and modern logo design which you can download from deeziner.com. This design will suit a store that sells massage products or if you have a foot massage parlor.
  4. Vintage Logo Kit – This is a collection of 6 different vintage logo templates you can edit according to your needs. Download this logo from pixelbuddha.net.
  5. Free Vintage Logo Templates – Another vintage logo selection. These are 8 simple and beautiful design logos that are available for download on graphicsfuel.com.
  6. Watercolor Logo Templates – This is a collection of 5 different watercolor logos that could be used for various purposes and needs. Download on graphicburger.com.
  7. Hand-written Style Logo Bundle – These handwritten logos not only look professional and beautiful they look original as well. Download on bestpsdfreebies.com.
  8. Moldova Logo Kinda Flat – A colorful logo design which you can download for free at PSDRepo.com.
  9. Eagle Logo Design Pack – A logo design template that can be used for different businesses. Available for download at bestpsdfreebies.com.
  10. Time Photo Logo Template – A logo template that can be easily edited. It is available at free-logo-design.net.

Take a look at these amazing free logo design templates and pick the best one for you!