10 Vintage and Free Logo Design Templates to Use

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Design your logo in just 5 minutes with these 10 vintage and free logo design templates! All include free fonts, editable layers, and are 100% scalable!


Are you looking for some high-quality vintage logo designs you could use for your next logo project? Well, look no further as you have come to the right place.

We’ve got you covered! We have analyzed so many logo design templates so far, we’ve decided to create a list of the best ones for you to use when designing your new business logo.

These logo design templates are great if you need an inspiration or you simply want to design a logo without breaking a bank or hiring an expensive logo designer.

We can all agree that vintage logo designs are favorite of them all – they convey an air of sophistication and quality and they evoke nostalgia. You can’t go wrong if you decide to use a vintage logo design template for your next logo project.

All of the vintage logo design templates on this list capture the timeless essence and culture of the previous era, utilizing aesthetics that balance simplicity with sophistication.


  1. Very Vintage Vector Kit – It comes with an assortment of different templates to add the worn, original, and vintage look to any design or project.
  2. Vintage Logo Bundle and Extras – It is ideal for t-shirt designs and labels that demand a retro and authentic look.
  3. Vintage Logo Badge Insignia Bundle – This kit includes 40 icons and objects you can use in your project.
  4. Vintage Americana Logos – For those of an earlier place and time in America’s history, these logo designs will invoke nostalgia by including design elements of the previous culture and century’s folk art movement.
  5. Wedding Logos Templates – If you are looking for a logo design to create timeless and absolutely beautiful wedding invitations – this is the perfect logo template for you.
  6. Vintage Cafe & Lounge Logo Badge – If you want to create a classic logo to suit your retro establishment, this is without a doubt the perfect one for your project.
  7. Simple Retro Logo – Simple designs are the main characteristic of vintage aesthetic. This is a great example of a simpler and retro design.
  8. Unique Hipster Logo – This collection includes cool and edgy elements for designing a classic and incredible look and feel.
  9. Fashion Insignia Logo – Ideal for fashion projects that need a retro and timeless look.
  10. Vintage Bicycles – This set is perfect for event or wedding invitations.

Check out all of these amazing logo design templates, find your inspiration, and design your own logo.